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The Journey

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

So you took the red pill…

This is the point in the journey where I offer you pure unadulterated sometimes comical as is its nature clinical truth. I will not pretend that it will all look good to you but it will all be good for you.

Think of me as Harriet Tubman sneaking souls to self actualization one consciousness at a time. Welcome to the underground for the railroaded.

I have crawled out of broken places, away from toxic people and past bull shit packaged as heirlooms, until I finally learned to pass on hand me downs. I’ve kissed more frogs than princes, seen more burned bridges than mended fences and I’ve learned that peace is priceless, poets are worth more than poems, and I’m dying to live.

There is a nation in an array of colors who spend their spirits like I do. Who believe the purpose of every payday is to purchase freedom. I know your running on empty. The nights are getting darker and the journey’s been hard…so I slice my self into sweet relief and place pieces of me between the page this is my body broken for you…


My solutions may temporarily cause problems. If you’re not ready for what happens when you choose to do better and be better. Take the blue pill and turn back now.

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