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We Survive This Too

As our nation waits with bated breath for the election results, I am holding us all in the light. No matter what tomorrow holds, it is well with my soul. We ready. I will continue to pursue my purpose, justice, liberty and love relentlessly. I am thoroughly enjoying my life sans Facebook. I have reached a place in my evolution where I am not remotely interested in providing a play by play of my life to the general public. I have been spending all of my time being about business and speaking on none of it. I will allow my new marketing team to release new developments about the business on their timeline. I just wanted to take a moment to assure you, we are all gon' be alright. The Omenai Dynasty is safe, supplied and thriving. Peace blanket your spirits and strength for the journey ahead. It shall be well. There are more with us than against us. 2020 was a whole ass Season of Teeth, and here we are defying gravity, refusing to live like we dying, and building bigger dreams than ever. I have taken to writing my beautiful Black self into the future. If you would like the opportunity to read these stories weekly I'll consider adding them to my patreon in the coming weeks.

As Ever,

Confidence Omenai

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