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Confidence Omenai, is a queer Nigerian American multi-hyphenate creative, entrepreneur, end of life doula, mother of five, and breaker of chains. Her work explores cycles of death, rebirth, systemic oppression, martyrdom on the altar of motherhood and marriage. As the CEO of Only Confidence Inc. for the last 16 years, she creates curriculum, facilitates writing workshops, specializes in program development, grant writing, and encouraging radical self-interrogation, around the country at universities, high schools, middle schools, maximum security prisons, juvenile facilities and more. She is a TEDx MileHigh Performer and Host, Pink Door Fellow, and

Oklahoma State University Alum. Her work appears in A La Palabra: The Word is a Woman: Mothers & Daughters, Listen to Your Skin Queer Anthology and “Did You Die Though?’ her debut mixed media art installation at The Leon Gallery. Confidence currently resides in Denver, creating transformative work across genres, crafting indigenous medicine, calling on the Ancestors and clearing the way for her rebellious great granddaughters, who will defend the earth in her name.

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