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Confidence Omenai's "Did You Die Though?" is a mixed media art installation that will be on display at Leon Gallery from January 28, 2023 - March 4, 2023. You are invited to leave offerings at the community altar to honor the dead. Please bring your earphones to fully engage with each piece. Limited supply will be available.

"Did You Die Though?” is an exhortation to raise the dead. An invitation to grave robbery. An indaba embracing the ceremony of radical self-compassion and resurrection."- Confidence Omenai

“This installation is a container for the forensic examination of ritual death as self-actualization. A crime scene as chrysalis. A graveyard or cocoon. A garden of a girl planted in a gruesome place, who answered death’s call, stole the keys to hell and bloomed into a field of free. Here is a road map through the wilds of divine alchemy. Here lie the slain selves of one Black woman, exhumed for the edification of all who fear dying. Did You Die Though is the stone rolled away to reveal She has risen." - Confidence Omenai


Black Girl Cackling In the Face of Death

“When I liberate myself. I liberate others.”- Fannie Lou Hamer “I am deliberate and afraid of nothing.”- Audre Lorde

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