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Farewell to the Book of Faces

Externally 2020 has been beastly for a lot of folks but for me it’s been the best year of my life. I know you probably think that surviving Coronavirus and heart break should have put a dent in my joy. It didn’t. It transformed me. Everything we went through fighting for China’s life was wild but as I told her from day one, she was worth it all. She is home, back to straight A’s and now I get texts and calls from her teachers telling me how amazing she is. Her Honors English teacher called last week to tell me China has the highest grade out of all of her students including every class. I told her I wasn’t surprised. She’s our girl. 2020 has taught me so much about how amazing, powerful and deserving of every good thing I have always been.

I have come to terms with a lot of truths that liberated me from occupying spaces, friendships or relationships that do not align with my highest good. In doing so I recognize that this ain’t for me. By this I mean Facebook. We had a good run and I am forever grateful for everyone who connected with me there, loved, laughed, cried with and prayed for me and mine. You can connect with me through my website from now on. If our relationship exists beyond that platform you have my contact information. I will leave my Facebook page dormant for a little while before I delete it altogether. Here is where all of my updates about business and the amazing things to come will be moving forward. Join the mailing list or nah. I hope you find your peace. I found mine. #LongLivetheOmenaiDynasty #LongLivetheQueen

If my living out loud and unapologetic was a source of light, life, healing or peace, I am forever grateful. If you love me, believe Black women, protect Black women and pay us what we are worth. Cashapp: $onlyconfi Venmo: onlyconfi

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