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Happy Kwanzaa!!

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Habari Gani community. Today is the fourth day of Kwanzaa. I was out of commision for the first two days so I'm late.

I'll be speaking on Ujamaa(Cooperative Economics) today at 1PM MST. You can follow this link to register. Confidence Kwanza. Below I have included my Kwanzaa Declaration that you can read and share during your devotions and celebration.

Creator made us Beautiful. Colonizers called us Black.

We, the African Diaspora are a global community.

We have withstood the tests of transatlantic slave trade, time, and trouble.

We take care of our own.

Every Black body is our own.

Our Ancestors and Elders know intimately the long dark night

A history their sacrifices saved us from.

We are the dawn.

As long as we live there is hope on every horizon.

We honor the honorable dead

Who built a nation for us to stand tall in

Knowing we would do so on their bones

We will continue to rise

We will reclaim what was stolen

We will rebuild what was burned

We will steward or wealth strategically

We will abolish every system that seeks to oppress us from within and without.

Collectively we will wash the wounds of patriarchy and misogyny from our culture.

Collectively we will cure the cancer of false doctrines dividing our communities.

We believe Black women.

We make space for Black men to break down, heal, hold and rebuild each other.

We protect all Black people including our LGBTQIA+ family.

Our ancestors were Black and Gay.

Black and Lesbian.

Black and Transexual.

Black and Two Spirited.

Black in every shape, shade and sexuality has carried us this far.

With reverence we acknowledge all that came before us, all that stand beside us and all who we will send forward.

We will fight for a future worthy of our entire lineage.

May your Kwanzaa be full to overflowing with good food, good medicine, and good love.

May your karamu pop flavor and drip sauce on all the kente cloth.

May faith, love, peace, and harmony weave their way into the fabric of this generation.

Strength for the journey ahead. Black unity for the win.

We do not have to be perpetually strong. We must endure as courageous architects of a braver better world. May we be vigilant keepers of the kindest medicine.

May we create more space for us to be soft. May we honor our ancestors labor with luxurious rest practices. healing collectively. May every Black body find rest, sustenance, and sanctuary in all the earth. We love ourselves and all Black people fiercely. May joy forever be our fiercest rebellion. Amen and Ase’ Ase’ Ase’ Ooo!!!

With Love that Endures. Habari Gani!!

Confidence Z. Omenai

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