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The Abundance Gate

Here we are tribe. The last day of 2020. Baaaaaaaaaby, the praise in my spirit... 2020 came for my very life. Tried to take out my baby girl. Took the lives of people I loved. The surgical precision with which this year cut away every false friend, foundation or fantasy is astonishing. I was weeping my way through July, picking up pieces I didn't think I could put back together BUT GOD and GRANDMOTHERS!!! Saval, Callie, Maggie, Emma, Daisy and Maxine rode shotgun through every valley and dared the shadow of death to look in my direction. The underverse was counting on me to break but a I am cut from a cloth that conquered it's captors. We always master our masters. In the face of all the brokenness I graduated in June of 2020, pivoted on this pandemic and became a licensed Insurance Agent in Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico, graduated again two weeks ago, with a Bachelors from Oklahoma State University. Yep, that's two degrees in 2020. #BEASTMODE

China knuckled up took her life back. Got straight A's and launched a jewelry business. My friends and her siblings bought her out and she just keeps building. I got to hear her read poems in community and am so proud to see the powerhouse of a poet she is becoming. I watched the OGs of the Omenai Dynasty voltron when the enemy came in like a flood. Our little prince Lord. who was non-verbal for two years won't stop talking and defied every diagnosis. There are so many amazing things on the horizon. I know it's been a rough year but it gets better. I promise. Just hold on. I have often had to crawl across a finish line but WE MADE IT!! Don't give up. Even when you don't know how it's going to work out keep building. Keep dreaming and pursue your best life until your last breath. Honor our fallen by living every day to the fullest. God is no respecter of persons. Same God that got me, got you. Dust off that big scary dream. The one that pulls you out of your comfort zone. The one that scares you. The dream that will require a leap of faith with no perceivable net. Make a list of everything standing between you and that dream. Cross one thing off the list every day until your path is clear. I believe in you. Go get it. I'm praising my way into 2021,on my terms. This playlist ain't for everybody but this is my vibe for the crossover. Happy New Year Tribe!!!

All love. All light. No limits.

Confidence Omenai

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