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For A Brave New World: Two

I Declare

every day I wake up

in a country that is at war

with my very existence

I send five children out in a nation full of monsters with hungry mouths

pray the call doesn't come

pray for their safe return

buy more ammo

practice my aim

if the day comes I will not miss

steel myself against the onslaught of violence against Black bodies

on every news feed

over 150,000 Black women

still missing

pray for their safe return

COVID ain't gone nowhere

make more elderberry syrup

pay gun club dues

buy a burner phone

put it in the go bag

with the heat resistant gloves

goggles check

make more body butter

stay hydrated

when all five heartbeats

are home safe and sound

collapse in the arms

of the Black man

who is sanctuary

a storm if they come for me

buy more ammo and sea moss

when he falls asleep

head out

past curfew

pray for my safe return.

©Confidence Omenai 2020

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