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For a Brave New World: Four


There is a seed that learns to be its own sustenance

Source of light

Knows what will not nourish it

Rejects poison apples

Prunes the leaves that look too closely

Like the tree it fell from

You are not the tree you fell from

Or the yard you landed in

Wasn’t no plan to plant you

Anywhere safe or bathed in sunshine

No one ever meant to nourish you

Where you get them leaves, little green girl?

It’s a wonder you grew at all

All those choking vines and weeds you wrestled

For a patch of rocky soil

A drop of water

A place in the sun

How you magic scorched earth

Into a field of dreams

Ain’t nothing short of a miracle

Where you get them branches brown girl?

You survived in spite of their best efforts

They was ‘spectin you to wither and die

In the box, they built for you

Down there in the dark

A grave and a garden look alike

To the untrained eye

© 2020 Confidence Omenai

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